SBR QUEST for Tenzing-Hillary Everest Marathon to celebrate Singapore's 50th Anniversary in the year 2015.

Thursday, 30 August 2012


My name is Shariff Abdullah born with ONE foot. At the age of 6 years old I was fitted with an artificial leg. During school days in 1970s I participated in various kind of sports such as running, trekking and kayaking. My school mates gave me a nickname, "Six Million Dollar Man" because I was very active in sports.

My late father worked as an Engineer and his job got him to climb up the hill in Bukit Timah to fix explosives to make way for the PIE expressway. I was inspired by him and wish to climb a mountain. When I was young, I love to track at Macritchie Reservoir and at times goes to Pulau Ubin to be near the nature. At the age of 16 years old, I had a chance to go Gunung Tahan and stayed 7 days in the jungle and gained a lot  of experience.

In the year 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 I am part of the school support group where I had a chance to guide the primary 5 and 6 to learning journey at MOE camps, trekking at Bukit Timah and even went outstation expedition in Malaysia and Thailand.

In August 2008 while working as a Site Security Specialist, I felt a pain at the stump area and the very same year in December my leg was amputated 5 inch on the stump due to skin infection. It was miracle as I am able to recover in such a short period and part of the recovery came from the inspiration by the World Double Amputee Runner "Oscar Pistorius". In March 2009, I started to wear back the standard prosthetic leg and start running at the track to get back in shape. I joined Singapore Disability Sport Council and Handicaps Welfare Association to support disabled athlete. In April 2009 I won my first medal under T44 athlete for javelin. This is where I started to decided to participate in various running events to test the endurance.

Somewhere in May 2009 I managed to get the flex-run prosthetic leg from "Ossur" and was sponsored by NCSS and a donor Madam Beatrich Tan. I started to run for long distance marathons and want to have back my childhood dreams to climb mountains. I read books about mountain and was inspired by Mark Inglish who is a double amputee from New Zealand and he climbs Mount Everest. I told myself if he can do it why not me? Yes! I have a dream to climb Mount Everest in the year 2015 to celebrate Singapore 50th Anniversary birthday and to inspire the world.

Again the same very year in 2009 I was sponsored by the North Face and started to practice carrying bag packs and running in the forest of Macritchie Reservoir and Bt Timah. I built up strength and participated in the North Face 100 Singapore Series and run 25km category where I completed the endurance race at 5.34mins with a tough and challenges journey but I learn lot. I spoke to one of my close friend bro Jonathan Yap and his mother about the Everest dream and we meet up with the Women's Everest Team and they shared us on their journey experience. With more confident in myself I decided to make things happen and spoke to my prosthesis Mr Trevor Binedell from Tan Tock Seng Hospital and ordered some climbing prosthetic legs for training. During the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2009 while running the full marathon I speak to several of my friends such as Muhamad Sufian and Moon on Everest and they got excited too. After few meet up with Bro Sufian, Josephine, Yusrina we decided to have a team and name it "TEAM SINGAPURA EVEREST 2015" and started recruiting lot of people to join us. We train together as a team and in the year 2011 we climb our first mountain in Kinabalu. I did not reach the summit because I faced a lot of challenges along the way. After few month with the team, I decided to leave and told the leader, Muhamad Sufian to carry on the journey and make things happen in the year 2015. The reason for me to leave the team is because my type of training is different from the abled-bodies and I do not want to hold them on the next journey.

As for me my dreams to climb mountain and Everest is there but I will train on my own. Along the way I met up several times with bro David Lim who is the expedition leader of the  1st Singapore Everest Expedition in 1998. He is my mentor and adviser, I am learning a lot from him as he shared his past experience. I am reading books and watching you tube videos on Everest where Mark Inglish and other amputees who climbed Everest. Right now I have a plan and I train 6 days a week including running, climbing up the stairs with heavy bag packs, circuit training in Bt Timah and twice a month long distance walking approx 30km with equipment's. I am building up the foundation to make things happen. This year, I am one of the disabled climbers who climb Mount Ophir and reach on the top of the mountain with our National Flag! Majulah Singapura!

Photo by: Moon
Photo by: Moon

I need Sponsorships to achieve the dream and at the moment, The North Face is my official climbing gear, GU Performance is official nutrition and SOLEUS SG. I also need cash funding for overseas training which includes buying prosthetic legs, equipment and many more.

I am looking to raise $165,000 fund from now till the year 2015. At the moment I give inspiration talks, selling motivational posters with quote and other products. I wish more will come out and give support from their heart.

I want to make things happen in the year 2015! "SINGAPORE BLADE RUNNER QUEST FOR EVEREST"

For any enquirers please email to

Once again thank you so much for all the support given.

Best Regards,

Shariff Abdullah

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My dream is to climb Mount Everest in the year 2015 to celebrate Singapore's National Day 50th Anniversary, doctor told me I could not climb Everest because my stump is too small and could face danger to myself. I do not want to give up my dream and I have plan B which I will be running the Tenzing-Hillary Everest Marathon in the year 2015 to celebrate country birthday.

I'm raising $50,000 for the training and registration fees for the expedition and selling my own inspiration posters and other products. I wish my dream is possible and for those who wants to purchase the posters please email me or simply you can donate to the following account.



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Once again thank you for the generous support given and once again thank you so much.


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